Just Dance  - Academy of Dance and Etiquette
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After School & 
Summer Camps
Enrollment is Limited, Call To See If Your School Is On Our List!
Just Dance & Wing Chun are partnering up for your child to experience the very best in after school  & summer camp programs. Some of the classes, we will be offering,  but not limited to are the following:
Dance Instruction
Self Defense Martial Arts
Culinary & Etiquette Instruction
Spanish Classes
• Fun Creative Art Projects
Our unique location in downtown Lakeland and wonderful multi-level facility makes your child's experience fun and informative. Pick up or drop off rates available.

Look At Our Year Round Classes
No Registration Fees • Sibling Discounts
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Just Dance Kids
• Creative Movement (Age 3)
• Dance I (Ages 4 & 5)
• Pre Ballet/ Dance II (Ages 6 & 7)
Just Dance Youth
• Youth Ballet I (Ages 8 thru 10)
• Youth Hip Hop I (Ages 8 thru 10)
• Youth Genre I (Ages 8 thru 10)
Just Dance Pre-Teen
Pre-Teen Ballet II (Ages 11 & Up)
Pre-Teen Hip Hop II (Ages 11 thru 13)
Pre-Teen Genre II (Ages 11 thru 13)

Just Dance Teen
• Pre-Teen Ballet II (Ages 11 & up)
• Teen Hip Hop III (Ages 14 & up)
• Teen Genre III (Ages 14 & up)
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Creative Movement (Age 3); Sat 10-11 AM
Dance I (Ages 4 & 5); Sat 11-12 PM
Pre Ballet/ Dance II (Ages 6 & 7); Wed 5-6 PM
Youth Ballet I (Ages 8 thru 10); Wed 5-6 PM
Youth Hip-Hop I (Ages 8 thru 10); Thur 5-6 PM
Youth Genre I (Ages 8 thru 10); Thur 6-7 PM
Pre-Teen Genre II (Ages 11 thru 13); Mon 5-6 PM
Teen Hip Hop II (Ages 11 thru 13); Mon 6-7 PM
Pre-Teen Ballet II (Ages 11 & up); Wed 6-7 PM
Teen Hip Hop III (Ages 14 & Up); Tues 5-6 PM
Teen Genre III (Ages 14 & Up); Tues 6-7 PM
If you are signing up more than one child or have any other questions, feel free to explain:
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